If you travel for bussines, pleasure or fun, let us to be your partners throught our integral service of excellence and balance giving you confort, warmth and quality.
open its doors in march of 2010 becoming the newest hotel in Bahias de Huatulco center. Located in a centric, modern building decorated with feng shui philosoph.The hotel was constructed thinking in those visitants and tourist that required comfortable and spotless locations with an armony decoration and personalized service.

Our main goal is to ensure each guest a harmonious atmosphere and impeccable at all times, making you feel at home.

Junior Suite
Room with a Queen Size bed. Excelent for 1 or 2 person.
Rooms from $ 450 pesos for a single room.

Senior Suite
Room with a individual and matrimonial bed. Excelent for 2 or 3 person.
Rooms from $ 450 pesos for a single room.

Master Suite
Room with two matrimonial beds. Excelent for 4 person.
Rooms from $ 450 pesos for a single room.
Extraordinary tours where de vegetation of the place combines with the experience of living adventures Suggest clothing: sunscreen, insect repelent, tenis, change of clothes.
In Rancho Tangolunda this activity is performed. The distance between the towers is about 300 meters, but also has a small tower for children. Suggest clothing: tenis, shirt and jeans or pants.
This is a tour ATV trails with high trees covered with wallflowers. You will go to the pristine beaches where you can swim, sunbathe or play in the sand, a tour that promises lots of fun. Suggested clothing: shorts, shirt, swimwear and sunscreen.
Tour por las Bahías
El tour por excelencia, conoce la incomparable belleza de nuestras Bahías y playas, los magnificos parques submarinos y las caprichosas formaciones rocosas que dan lugar al “bufadero” y a la “cara de piedra” en la bahía del Organo, además tienes la oportunidad de nadar y snorkelear en los arrecifes de coral.
The Magicas Waterfalls Copalitilla is located approximately 1 hour and a half of Huatulco and belongs to the community of San Miguel of the port which is distinguished by large plantations of coffee farms, in addition to abundant flora and fauna that adorn the landscape mystical and unique colors. Suggest clothing: tenis or sandals, towel, swimwars and change of clothes.
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Tel. +52 (01 958) 587 09 58
Guarumbo No. 307, La Crucecita,
Bahías de Huatulco, Oax. C.P. 70989
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